RPC Training

Are you tired of managing people rather than inspiring and empowering them to achieve goals in concrete, measurable terms?

Have you heard about coaching - but want to know more about what it is, and how to use it to achieve measurable results? Do you want to learn specific skills that help you and your clients/employees to:

  • Reduce employee/client turnover?
  • Maximize performance and reduce stress?
  • Reduce obstacles to achieving goals?
  • Align human talent with job requirements?
  • Build collaboration, loyalty, and commitment?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions... then this is the course for you!

Coaching is gaining greater acceptance in the workplace today because it works! Coaching provides tangible, measurable results that are vital and essential to the function in today's work environment - and ones personal world as well.

What is the Registered Performance Coach Program?

Registered Performance Coach (RPC) training is a very fast paced, high content coaching course. It is specifically designed for professionals who have a wealth of experience in working with people and possess good interpersonal and management skills.

What can you expect to receive from RPC training?

  • Coaching skills using "business-friendly language"
  • Understand the difference between Managing, Mentoring, Consulting, Counseling and Coaching
  • Immediate implementation of Coaching skills and techniques
  • Performance strategies which are measurable and adaptable to your setting and needs
  • Comparison of internal and external coaching and the impact of each
  • Specific assessment and coaching tools you can use immediately
  • Immediate credibility and recognition of your training and commitment to coaching as a Registered Performance Coach (RPC)

What is the Registered Performance Coach Instructor (RPCI) Program?

Registered Performance Coach Instructor (RPCI) program is a train-the-trainer course that equips an individual to train others in an organization to facilitate the RPC course. This is an excellent course to train groups of managers and supervisors to coach employees to achieve me asurable results through out the entire organization.

RPC Requirements $2,997
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Skill Integration; Follow up coaching to assist with integrating course material
  • Coaching Practicum; Coach 3 clients a minimum of fifteen (15) hours, and be supervised by a Certified Performance Coach Instructor
  • RPC Exam
  • Includes 3-day workshop with forms, assessments, exercises, which may be used immediately upon completion of course
RPCI Requirements $3,297
  • RPC Certification is a prerequisite to becoming a Registered Performance Coach Instructor.
  • Assessment interpretation practicum - Review client assessments with 6 coaches and/or clients
  • RPC Exam
  • Includes 3-day workshop with forms, assessments, exercises which may be used immediately upon completion of course