Three Reasons Why Most Training DOES NOT Change Behavior or Improve Performance

It is possible to create permanent, measurable improvements in individual performance that have positive impacts on business results. But this almost never happens, because most organizations...

  1. Neglect to follow up assessment and training programs with adequate reinforcement. They don't understand that it takes months of on-the-job application and reinforcement to ingrain a new skill.
  2. Present training programs as events. Because of the need for reinforcement, performance improvement has to be an ongoing process.
  3. Fail to hold direct managers responsible for the coaching role. Because the better part of performance improvement must happen in the workplace, the learner's direct manager needs to get involved: communicating expectations, supporting, observing, encouraging, giving feedback, coaching and holding direct reports accountable.
So what's the solution?

The solution is Train-to-Ingrain, a new integrated reinforcement-based development process that creates permanent, measurable improvements in individual performance. The Train-to-Ingrain method...

  • Involves direct managers to give effective support, encouragement and coaching before, during and after the learning process.
  • Administers pre-course and post-course behavioral assessment through 20/20 Insight GOLD to focus learner attention and motivation, establish accountability, measure performance improvement, and support ROI calculations.
  • Trains leaders with the Vital Learning Supervision Series GOLD integrated curriculum utilizing online and classroom training that concentrates on skill practice and application after training.
  • Incorporates a structured program of follow-up reinforcement: continued learning, ongoing feedback, coaching and accountability.