What is Coaching? A partnership where the client sets measurable goals while the coach provides accountability and support for achieving each goal.

Coaching is an investment in the professional and personal development of individuals within organizations. It is a loud statement by management that this individual is viewed as a valuable asset to the success of the company.

For culture transformation to occur - the individuals within that organization must transform themselves. The coaching process provides an ideal structure for individuals and teams to do just that.

At Halogenex, we use EXECUTIVE and PERFORMANCE COACHING as a means for identifying and achieving measurable goals that directly impact both long and short term performance. Objective, external coaching is far more effective than internal methods of motivation.

Halogenex integrates individual goal and skill improvement to align with organizational objectives. Our structure is very comprehensive with measurable benchmarks and regular contact at all levels of management to insure client progress is observed in the workplace. Assessments are used initially to determine both suitability of the client for coaching and a benchmark to measure improvement through out the process.

Performance Coaching

Employees are selected and targeted to improve in specific areas affecting their performance. Individual goals are aligned with organizational objectives and progress is monitored on a regular basis. Areas of focus could include leadership development, interpersonal skill enhancement, specific performance issues, time management skills, collaboration, etc.

Executive Coaching

Owners and senior leaders often need a safe place to share their challenges as well as set goals that insure forward movement of themselves as leaders and the organization as a whole. Transitioning from a task-focused manager to a vision-driven leader is essential for sustainable success. A few of the areas of focus include: interpersonal effectiveness, time management, delegation, leadership enhancement, and succession planning.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is effective when teams are dysfunctional, performing at very low levels or experiencing high levels of conflict. Benefit is derived at several levels - helpful feedback from fellow employees, enhanced collaboration and goal achievement as a group.

Individuals choose to participate in team coaching to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others. Learning is accelerated and enhanced through honest sharing of ideas and the support of others.

Coaching Workshops

Registered Performance Coach (RPC): 3-day Certification program with a 30 hour practicum

Registered Performance Coach Instructor (RPCI): A Leadership Initiative that Works: 3-day Certification program to teach others how to coach in a corporate environment