a brighter approach to performance

Compared to traditional lighting sources a halogen bulb burns brighter, longer and more efficiently. Compared to traditional performance management firms, HALOGENex provides a brighter, more efficient approach to performance and cultural transformation that has a longer-lasting effect on your workplace.

What makes us brighter?

  1. We identify the unique qualities of each client and use that insight to expand leadership capacity. This transforms organizations from being task-focused to vision-driven.
  2. Each year mid-sized companies lose more than $7.5 million to employee turnover. We help companies produce a more loyal and productive workforce, significantly reducing employee turnover and the financial toll it takes.
  3. Statistics that show 83 percent of workers are not happy in their jobs. We help companies create environments where people can apply their gifts, skills and abilities to become high achievers and more productive workers.

The Halogenex Bottom Line:

Unlike other management coaching and consulting firms, Halogenex guarantees measurable results, accelerates performance improvement across the entire organization, and transfers its skills to clients for sustained improvement.