Interline Brands


Interline Brands is a distribution company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, which was created by the merger of two organizations in 2000. They have eight distinct markets that they target with marketing programs, catalogs and sales initiatives. The marketing departments of these organizations were merged into one, creating job challenges and new priorities for the newly blended department.

Client Obstacles to Success

Quality, performance and morale issues were all negativity impacting job performance. Even though personnel were extremely skilled and consistently worked very long hours - they were unable to successfully meet deadlines.

Halogenex Solution

A KNOWLEDGE TRANSFORMATIONSM Strategy designed to unify the newly merged department through improved communication and planning. In addition, through assessments and updated job descriptions, work was restructured around employee skills and behaviors.

  • inter-departmental communication and planning
  • project management and teambuilding
  • the focus on new market development and a new marketing position


  • The work environment was transformed to feel like a new workplace due to improved communication between department members.
  • A substantial cost savings was realized due to personnel realignment and improved performance.
  • Deadlines were met more efficiently with a lower error rate.
  • Employee morale was significantly increased.