Peggy Slappey Properties


Peggy Slappey, is the owner of Peggy Slappey Properties, a successful real estate firm located in Buford, Georgia. In addition to the responsibility of running the incredible and rapid growth of her own real estate company, Peggy had been elected to serve as President of several professional organizations in her industry.

Client Obstacles to Success

Peggy identified a need and desire to have more balance in her personal and professional life to insure she was functioning at her best and most efficient capacity. She also wanted to strengthen her leadership skills and make more strategic decisions in both her business and professional organizational roles.

Halogenex Solution

A TALENT TRANSFORMATIONSM Strategy to create a personal development plan focused on enhancing leadership skills, managing the growth of the company, developing the ability to set clear boundaries, improving time management and delegation skills.

TALENT TRANSFORMATIONSM Executive Coaching Sessions to improve Peggy's skills set in the areas of:
  • leadership development
  • time management and delegation
  • communication and public speaking
  • life balance and quality of life


  • Peggy's work and personal life was transformed as she experienced a dramatic increase in her ability to:
    • delegate tasks freeing her to be more vision-driven rather than task-focused
    • make more astute decisions regarding commitments to professional organizations that were more strategically aligned with her overall career and life plan
    • create a more peaceful presence and higher quality of life through the reduction of stress and learning to say NO to set boundaries around over-commitment
  • With the implementation of a new structure of staff realignment which included new role definitions and reporting relationships, Peggy was able to move forward into a role of enhanced leadership at her firm.
  • Peggy continues to be recognized for her leadership skills at a pace she sets and in organizations she chooses. For example, Peggy was awarded Realtor Manager of the year by Northeast Atlanta Metro Association of Realtors and in 2005 was named Sales Manger of the Year by the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association. In addition, she and her husband Tommy received the 2006 Humanitarian Award for Christian City Home for Children.