McFarland Dyer & Associates


McFarland Dyer & Associates is a successful civil engineering, landscape architect and surveying firm in Duluth, Georgia built by four partners. Although in the early years, the firm experienced successful growth, in recent years financial achievement had flat-lined. They needed to determine the firm's future course of action, as well as partner involvement.

Client Obstacles to Success

There was partner conflict over the management direction of the business. In addition, there were lines of authority issues that impeded performance by their engineering staff.

Halogenex Solution

A TEAM TRANSFORMATIONSM Strategy facilitated the restructuring of the company including the transition of one of the partners and the creation of a mission and vision statement as well as a new reporting structure. In addition, new Project Management teams and leaders and the implementation of quality assurance programs and a performance incentive system.

  • roll out a new reporting structure, quality assurance programs, performance standards and a performance incentive system
  • introduce new Project Management teams, systems and project leaders
  • communicate the firm's mission and vision statement to align staff to the new leadership team's direction and vision


  • Stagnant sales were transformed into a 12% sales increase.
  • Productivity and profitability flourished under the new corporate restructure.
  • A Mission and Vision statement was introduced to provide guidance to existing employees and new hires.
  • Performance standards were developed for career advancement.